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We are retailers of a wide range of International, County, Novelty and Message flags and Bunting Flags

Flags of Countries participating in the forthcoming Scottish Independence Vote, Brazil 2016 World Cup, and quite a few who are not!!!!



9m (30ft) Cloth Bunting
Many designs in stock!!!

We are retailers and suppliers of a wide range of Country, Novelty and Message, Embroidered Patches.
Embroidered Patches

A range of Clothing including Hats, Scarves, and Bags with more items coming soon.

New !!! Piano Keys Scarf, Smiley Face, Skull Scarf, Bat Scarf, and Union Jack Scarf made in the U.K .100% Acrylic exclusive to klicnow.

Woolly Hats with or without Patches (Made in the U.K)



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