Gemini 3 Embroidered Patch

Gemini 3 Embroidered Patch

Size: 7.5cm Dia circle
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Gemini 3 embroidered patch 7.5cm Dia

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First manned Gemini mission. Astronaut Grissom became the first man to fly twice into space. First use of Orbital Altitude Maneuvering System. First control of re-entry flight path using maneuverable spacecraft. The mission successfully completed three orbits in four hours, 56 minutes in space.

Launch Date: March 23, 1965, 9:24 AM EST Launch Vehicle: Titan II. Spacecraft unofficially named "Molly Brown" Crew: Command Pilot: Virgil I. "Gus"Grissom Pilot: John W. Young.

Gemini 3 Embroidered Patch​