Gemini 7 Embroidered Patch (OUT OF STOCK)

Gemini 7 Embroidered Patch (OUT OF STOCK)

Size: 7.5cm Dia circle
Out Of Stock
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Gemini 7 embroidered Patch 7.5cm Dia

This flight completed 206 orbits in 330 hours and 35 minutes in space, the longest flight duration to date. The first U.S. space flight in which part of the flight was made without a space suit. Gemini 7 also served as a rendezvous vehicle with the Gemini 6 flight. The two spacecraft came within one foot of each other during the historic rendezvous maneuver. Splashdown of Gemini 7 occurred on December 18, after two successful weeks in space.

Launch Date: December 4, 1965, 2:30 PM EST Launch Vehicle: Titan II Crew: Command Pilot: Frank Borman Pilot: James A. Lovell, Jr.

Gemini 7 Embroidered Patch